Transportation / Package Testing

Transportation/Package Testing should be done by any Company who ships Merchandise on a regular basis.  Transit Testing can help Identify Potential Damage to both the products and the packaging.  Employing this type of testing greatly benefits the vendor by reducing losses due to in transit damage, reducing or eliminating claims, and creating increased customer satisfaction.

For some types of products, Package Testing is required by regulations.  Examples of Mandated Transportation / Package Testing include shipments of Food, Pharmaceuticals, Dangerous Goods, Medical Devices, to name a few.

At LRE Test Lab, we can provide Fixed-Displacement Vibration Testing, Free Fall Drop Testing, and Compression Testing.  We can Test Your Packages to confirm they adhere to a variety of ISTA Specifications which is now required by many of the large online shopping sites. 

We offer the same services the large Test Labs provide in a smaller and more Personalized Environment.  We are here to work with our customers every step of the way.


Transportation/Package Testing

  • Transportation Testing
  • Confirm to ISTA Specifications
  • Package Testing
  • Manufacturer : TENNEY
  • Variety Of Testing Options Available
  • Large Test Lab Quality With Small Test Lab Service
  • Free Fall Testing, Drop Testing
  • Reduce Transit Damage Loss
  • Compression Testing
  • Required Testing For Many Industries
  • Vibration Testing
  • Create Customer Packaging Satisfaction