Humidity Testing

Humidity Testing is a must for products that will submitted to an Environment With Moisture.  Subjecting components and products to Temperature And Humidity helps determine it’s resistance to and the effects moisture has on the item.  Will the item corrode too quickly?  Will humidity affect its reliability or cause detrimental changes to the product?  Humidity Testing is also imperative when determining the shelf life of a product, and even the packaging that will be used to see how well it holds up while protecting a product from humidity. We can test your products using various Temperatures, Humidity Levels, and Time Periods.  We will recreate the conditions your product will be subjected to on a regular basis during it’s use or even conditions they may encounter during transportation. Testing at our Test Lab is continually monitored using State- Of -The-Art data acquisition methods with test results provided promptly. Prefer to do your own testing but don’t have the money or space for your own equipment?  Temperature Humidity Chamber time can be rented on the premises with qualified training and supervision provided.  

Temperature Humidity Testing

  • Improve Reliability With Humidity Testing
  • Rent Humidity Chamber Testing Time
  • Quantify Field Life of Products
  • We Can Provide A Variety Of Testing Standards
  • Meet Various Specs
  • Avoid Product Failures
  • Humidity Testing Required by Many Industries
  • Determine Product Degradation
  • Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical
  • We Will Set Up Your Custom Test
  • Initiate Your Humidity Test Today, Form Below
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