Environmental / Climatic Testing

Environmental/Climatic Testing is one of the most important steps in the Development of most Components and Products.  The product must be subjected to a range of Environmental Conditions – especially the conditions under which the product will be used – to identify design flaws and ensure dependability for safety and longevity.  Testing and Reporting are REQUIRED by Regulated Industries such as Military, Aerospace, Automotive, etc.

We have a multitude of Environmental Test Chambers / Climate Chambers to Test Your Product.  We can Temperature Test your product or subject your product to Temperature AND Humidity.  Tests can be 1 day, 1 month, or longer.  Upon completion of your test we will provide the full reports you need.  Typical Environmental Tests include Temperature Testing, Temperature & Humidity Testing, Fast Ramp, Long Term Storage Testing, Hot/Cold Liquid Shock Testing.

Prefer to do your own testing but don’t have the budget to purchase dedicated equipment?  You can RENT testing time on our Test Chambers.  We will provide the instruction and supervision you need to complete your Climatic Testing while you do your own reporting.

We have the capability to test many products from required logged tests to knowledge in the Manufacturing Process.

Test Standards we can provide inlcude: ASTM, ISTM, JDEC, ISTA, ISTC, UL, CSA, DIN, IED, SAE, NAVMAT

Give us a call and let us guide and advise you on what will work best AND be the most Cost Effective way for you to get your Product Tested.

Environmental / Climatic Testing Equipment Available

  • Temperature Testing Only
  • Any Chamber Can Be Customized For Your Test
  • Temperature / Humidity Testing
  • Automotive Parts Testing
  • Fast Ramp Testing
  • Military Parts Testing
  • Long Term Storage Testing
  • Aerospace Parts Testing
  • Temperature Ranges : -70°C to +180 Deg. C
  • Humidity Ranges from 10% to 95%
  • Provided Testing Standards: ASTM, ISTM, JDEC, ISTA, ISTC, UL, CSA, DIN, IEC, SAE, NAVMAT