Los Angeles Test Lab Services

LRE Test Laboratory
focuses on providing the highest quality products and services to our customers in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Our mission is to achieve a leadership position by offering our customer integrated services tailored to their needs.

We become a contributing entity in our customers’ product design and manufacturing processes. We offer a diverse base of services that will support every phase from product design to full production. We help our customers achieve the highest possible product quality and reliability.

Test Lab Services

Environmental / Climatic Testing

Capable of Temperature Soak, Temperature Cycling, Combined Temp/Humidity Soak or Temperature/Humidity Cycling

Dynamic / Mechanical Testing

Capable of high displacement high force vibration testing from small test article to big and heavy assemblies

Transportation / Packaging Testing

Capable of whole pallet transportation vibration testing and loose load transportation vibration

Test Tailoring / Program Management

Capable of performing customized testing for product reliability/durability testing from Automotive Airbag Sensor to consumer electronics testing